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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's that time again!

Danger Season for the kids is here again. Snow has already fallen and temps are dropping. This year, a record number of children are living in shelters and even out in the cold. Many of these children have never had a pair of pajamas before. They go to sleep each night in the same clothing they spend their days in.

I know a lot of us are struggling just to get warm clothes on our own kids, but if you are able to grab an extra pair of $6-10 pajamas off the store shelf this month, you could make a homeless child so happy this year!

The Pajama Program inspired me to do this pajama drive each year, and I'll be donating all the pajamas to the Road Home here in Salt Lake City. I have a good friend who works there, and he says they are very low on supplies for the families this year. (Not just pajamas, anything new will help! They need toys for Christmas, clothes of all kinds, pajamas, hats, gloves, boots, etc.!)

I'll be collecting the pajamas (and anything else we can manage to donate!) until November 30th so we can get the warm stuff to the shelters as soon as possible.

Some ideas:
  • All-A-Dollar always sells gloves, scarves, etc., for $1 each. This would be a cheap way to get several things at once, without spending a lot!
  • ROSS has pajamas anywhere from $3 to $10 for all ages.
  • Black Friday shopping. If you're already planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, grab some pjs on your way through the store. They're usually about $4 or $5.
  • Tweet, e-mail, blog... whatever you can do to spread the word, get your friends and family in on the collection. You don't have to buy a lot, just get everyone to buy just one! 
Of course you don't need to send the pajamas to me; if you would rather donate them to your own local shelter, that's amazing too. There are homeless children all over our country, especially now, so whatever you can do is going to help them.

E-mail (, tweet (@toomuchaubrey) me and I'll get you the address where you can send your donations. Or contact your local Pajama Program chapter! Last year we (me, my friends and family) collected 17 pairs of pajamas; this year, let's double that!

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