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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Second-Day Syndrome

Has anyone else noticed a sudden decrease in depression over here?

I started noticing it about three days ago. My posts went from completely depressing to not-quite-so-depressing pretty much instantly when I got my meds back. Miracles Chemicals happen!

Apparently, to celebrate this upward motion, I decided to forget my pills yesterday and today. Well, technically, yesterday I didn't forget. I was ten minutes late for work, so I popped a Concerta (to keep me awake at work) and skipped the "less-important" Prozac in the interest of time. (Why do I still think this is a good plan? Backfired on me several times now.) This morning, I was having such a difficult time waking up that I forgot my pills altogether, thus leaving me with SECOND-DAY SYNDROME.

Second-Day Syndrome looks like this:

First, it's going back to bed two hours after you get up. I admit, I cheated and left the kids with a movie and instructions to inform me if Max got into anything, and climbed back into bed with Husband. We rarely get to see each other, so passed-out cuddle time is a hot commodity. Fell instantly asleep and discovered the kids eating all their candy when I "woke up". (DUH. Not my best parenting moment.)

Second, it's the headache. Of course, I'm a coffee addict, so I assumed it was the lack of morning coffee giving me a headache and decided to make 6 cups of coffee for Husband and I. This went terribly wrong and ended in a coffee grounds explosion all over the counter/cabinets/floor when I forgot to put the tray in the machine. *Still sleeping.*

Third, there's the fighting. Husband called from the living room something like, "How do you always manage to do that?" Big mistake, honey. I'm unmedicated! I'm a sleepwalking nightmare who is still walking around in her Christmas jammies and bedhead hair at Noon! Of course I'm not reasonable! This is the third sign I should have taken into account, but failed to notice, even while screaming something ridiculous from the kitchen, like, "I MAKE YOU COFFEE EVERY SINGLE DAY, JERKFACE! AND I'M NEVER MAKING YOU COFFEE AGAIN!!!"

Fourth, I found myself so angry over that little "argument" that I couldn't even say goodbye to Husband when he left for work. In fact, I found myself unable to say goodbye to Asher, who was leaving for Kindergarten at the same time and hadn't done a single thing wrong. I then spent the next hour trying to get Max to go down for a nap, which he refused, and I found myself wondering why I was so unreasonably angry about it.

How have I not figured this out by now?

Fifth symptom: Falling asleep while attempting to read a VERY short children's book to Max. He hit me in the face to wake me up.

This is when I finally realized the problem. It's now 3PM and if I take my medication now, I'll be up all night long. If I don't take it, I'll have THIRD-DAY symptoms tomorrow. (Think Medusa.)

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Ah, the joys of mental "health".

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