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Friday, October 7, 2011

What's in the water?

 More than a few times I have heard people say, "There's something in the water!" referring to how many attractive people there are here in Utah. Apparently we have a beautiful population.

Well my question is, what is in the water that makes all the rich people act like complete ass holes? My work is located in a city that, when I grew up, was pretty tiny (about 10,000 people; it has doubled since then), and is mostly made up of people who make a lot of money. Someone told me the other day that the median income for residents there is $75,000/year. (Let's just say Husband and I make about... $70,000 less than that.)

I try to give people a chance, and for the most part, I do. I smile and say hello to everyone I see, ask them how I can help, hang up and put away everything they try on, clean up their messes (someone left a BANANA PEEL in the dressing room! - WHO DOES THAT?! - and no, I don't want to pick up your used tissues after you leave, especially when I watched you walk in there coughing up a lung)... ANYWAY, I treat people nicely, even when they are wearing jeans that cost more than last year's Christmas.

So why, then, do they consistently talk to me like garbage? Some of them even encourage their children to treat me like a lesser human.

On my list of favorite blogs (see tab above) is one called I'm So Fancy. She's my favorite because she's just an anonymous wife of some random rich guy, and her blog address is (She's not the first I followed just because I loved the name of the blog; I'm a sucker for a creative presentation. Example: Bad Mommy Moments. I initially followed BMM solely because I liked the name. Only later did I find out she's amazing.) Anyway, back to Fancy; at some point someone assumed she was an "ass hole" because she had a lot of money, so she takes full advantage of this and just straight-up refers to herself as such. She writes about "big dilemmas" like where to spend thousands of dollars on her husband's new wardrobe, and "oh no, my decorator got my designer curtains wrong". I think it's hilarious the way she pokes fun at the very thing that was intended to insult her.

 Honestly, though, I want to know... is there something in the bottled water these pretentious people drink that affects their attitude so? Why are they all so snappy and rude? Why do they ALL, without fail, pick up everything in the store, just to put it down in a different department along the way?

I ACTUALLY saw someone almost buy a "pancake pen" today. It's a squirter (like those red ketchup and yellow mustard ones) that deposits your pancake batter onto the pan. Seriously? Do people have money for such things? I am legitimately confused. At this point I am digging change out of the couches to buy toilet paper, so I'm having a really hard time understanding the things people are able to spend their money on that seem absolutely pointless to me. Isn't a pancake pen just one more thing to wash? Don't they need to buy toilet paper??

I guess I just don't understand. Husband and I both work full time, and we still find that we're barely keeping our family's head above water. It just strikes me a little bit ridiculous that people who have everything can't seem to also acquire some manners.


  1. I think it's purely wrong for the rich to stick up their nose so high up in the air like that and I'm sorry you had to go through some shits they left you at work but you are a strong woman with good work ethics.

  2. i dunno if i agree with this... i think a lot of the wealthy are some of the nicest. i think people IN GENERAL are getting more selfish and rude. i truly believe that everyone will be held accountable for their actions either in this life or in the next. that helps me to not dwell on it.


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