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Sunday, October 23, 2011

For my sister, on her birthday(ish)

Top 12 Things I Love About My Middle Sister

Natalie is the one on the far right... I'm the baby on the far left.
I know, I know. It was the 80's, ok?

She’s the hardest worker I know.

She says hilarious, awkward things when things are uncomfortable - just like me

She bribes small children with M&M’s… and it works

Her house is always clean – not like me

She taught me how to make lists. Natalie is seven years older than me, so I was still in elementary school when she was in high school. She used to come home from school and make a detailed list of everything that needed to be cleaned (my mom was working). She would put check boxes next to each small job and let Jon and I choose jobs one at a time, putting our initial next to the job. This made our chores feel really manageable, and also allowed her (I realized much later) to please my mom so she could go out with her friends. :) I'm sure my mom really appreciated it, and it taught me how to make lists that aren't completely overwhelming. I use the same system with my kids now when there's lots to do.  

She always hands down her kids’ clothes to my kids (so good at sharing!)

Her kids are AWESOME, and it’s mostly her fault.

She’s not a snob. I love this about her because she’s interested in finding a good deal on good quality things, not just expensive/name-brand stuff. I respect this.

When I think of her name, I think Gnat, because when I was a kid she told me how to spell the word "gnat" (because her name is Natalie, and we call her Nat), and I thought it was funny. Haven't stopped thinking that ever since. 

She’s super honest. If there’s something in my teeth, she’ll tell me. If I smell like B.O., she’ll tell me. If the jeans I’m trying on make my butt look big, she’ll tell me. If I look pretty, she’ll tell me.

When Natalie had friends over, I used to sneak up and hide behind the couch to listen. I was completely fascinated with my older siblings; always wanted to be older than I was. I'm sure she knew I was there, but she didn't kick me out. She even let me attend her birthday parties, even when she was a teenager.

When Husband and I moved to Kansas, she wrote me a long letter that I still have. I love snail mail, and I especially appreciated that when I was far away and missing my family. She writes little notes of appreciation or thanks, and she even wrote Husband a letter to remind him to buy me a mother's day present when we were first married. 


  1. Definitely the most meaningful birthday gift EVER! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Nice job! And so true. I tried to also comment on your next post about work because I loved it but for some reason comments didn't show up as an option. Anyway - you're a great writer and I'm not surprised they like you at work!


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