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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I will take down the dark curtains and let the light in.

Today I will pick up the toys I've been stepping over for two weeks.

Today I will wash the coloring off the walls.

Today I will PLAY with my children.

Today I will make the kids clean up their room. Because even if I can't learn to control my environment, I should still try to teach them to control theirs.

Today I will turn up the music and let myself dance.

Today I will not live on Twitter, watching other people talk about their lives.

Today I will LIVE my life.


  1. So did you do it? I hope so!

  2. I did, actually! I'm pretty dang proud of myself, too! :) Baby steps...

  3. Just keep swimming . . . just keep swimming . . .

  4. Great for you! Honey you're gorgeous and so is your family!!

  5. That's sweet of you to say, Pamela! Sometimes one day of normal is all I can manage, but at least I have that one day, right?


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