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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This one's for the guys

I talk a lot about PPD and being a mom, depression, and how hard it is for women to do it all.
But this one's for the dads. 

The guys who work behind the scenes.

The guys who work so hard they hardly get to see their families.
The guys who make time for their family anyway.

The guys who get up when Mom just can't anymore.

This one's for the guys who carry the baby, open the door, and haul the diaper bag.

The guys who come home from a whole day at work and read a book to their kids.

The guys who aren't even fathers by biological standards, but are dads anyway.

This one's for the guys who make little boys laugh when you've made them cry.

This one's for the guys who support through our tears,
who try again and again, despite our inability to be pleased,
who endure our mood swings and complaints.

This one's for the guys who aren't too good to apologize.

 Part of our struggle is being unable to step outside the shadows and show you what you do for us, but believe me when I say, you are appreciated. 

Who's the guy in your life who gets you through the day?


  1. My hubs isn't perfect. It was harder for him to transition from couple to family than it was for me. But since the birth of our second son, he's really grown into his role. And he impresses me every single day. And when I'm at wit's end and can't stand one more whine, he swoops in and saves the day. I get a break, and the kids get to play with Daddy. Win win win

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Nicole! No husband is perfect, but the ones who are still hanging on and standing behind us are definitely heroes if you ask me.

  3. What a beautiful tribute - he's clearly a fabulous husband.


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