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Friday, October 14, 2011

Things To Be Happy About

This one time, sophomore year in high school, my friend Jenn and I (and a couple other contributors) wrote a list called 1,000 Things To Be Happy About. (Yes, we would do anything to distract ourselves from Algebra. Thus my ineptitude in the realm of mathematics.) Anyway, I still have it somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where.

I was going to write a post today about the moron customers who come into my work and piss me off, but you're sick of that, aren't you? So Jenn suggested a more positive approach, a list of things that make me happy. Since we're seasoned pros at this, I took the challenge and extended it back to her.

Prepare yourself for a growing list of Things To Be Happy About. Each week, Jenn and I are going to post 10 things for our list on our own blogs and link to each other so you can read them.

We could both use an excuse to be more positive.


  1. Getting off work at 2:00 pm! I get to come home and see my boys RIGHT when they get out of school, so I don't miss a thing. I am loving the morning shift. 
  2. New gondolas. I know it sounds ridiculous, but part of my job is to keep the toy department organized, and they didn't give me nearly enough shelf space for all my toys. (OK, so I don't OWN the toys, but they feel like My Toys because I obsess over their appearance 6 days/week.) Two days ago they gave me 2 extra gondolas to display toys, so I'm pretty psyched about it. My department is much more impressive now. I know, pathetic, but there it is. 
  3. Asher is working on pronouncing his L's. Every single time he uses an "L" sound, he accentuates it in the cutest way. (See this video for example.) I don't even know who told him to do it (must have been his Kindergarten teacher), but I think it's adorable and it makes me smile every time.
  4. It's scarf and sweater season! I say this every year, but I ADORE scarf/sweater/boot season. It's my very favorite thing! However, today was 74 degrees out, which I ALSO adore. ;) 
  5. New followers! Yesterday on Twitter I requested that my followers there (71 of them) came over to my blog and "followed" here... no one did it, but Russell from No Longer Quiet became a follower today, and it totally made my day. :)
    No Longer Quiet

    I'm a sucker for people publicly declaring their willingness to be my friend. :) 
  6. Max's songs. Lately Max has been singing little songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Star) when he's alone in his room, and afterward he always says, "YAY!" and claps for himself. SO CUTE.
  7. Asher's artwork. He's seriously an amazing artist, and he brings home the cutest/funniest pictures from school. The ones he draws for me in my journal are my favorite, though. I love to find them on random pages when I'm feeling emotional (basically the only time I write in my journal). It always cheers me up. 
  8. Picnics at the park with good friends. :) Thanks Jenna! 
  9. Twitter. I know, it's stupid, but it makes me happy. I've made such awesome new friends already! 
  10. FINALLY GETTING MY MEDS!!!! :) :) :) 
OK, I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm having a really difficult time coming up with all ten things! This is a clear sign that I don't do enough positive thinking in my life. What do YOU use to be happy??

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  1. Yay! I feel like a star with my button sitting smack dab in the middle of your post! I love your blog!

    Keep thinking happy thoughts!


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