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Monday, October 24, 2011

Actually, I like my job.

You know how I do a lot of whining? Like, a LOT. Well, I know it too. I TRY to be positive, but it doesn't always work out.

I complain about the people who shop at my work, because let's be honest, the stupid stuff people do is just good entertainment. But really, I like my job. It's retail, yes, but it's a good environment and the people I work with are awesome. I get along with (almost) every one of my co-workers, which is much more than I expected out of working again.

Ten Things to Be Happy About At Work:

  1. Days like today, when there are projects and re-organizing to do. My shift goes by so fast when there's work to do! 
  2. I love to set up the displays. I'm good at making things balanced and pretty. I didn't realize until I got this job that not everyone is good at that, and I really enjoy it. 
  3. Some of the customers totally crack me up. Example: when a 7-foot (at least), fully-grown MAN asked me "Where's the potty at?" Almost needed to use the potty myself when he said that. Laughed right in his face. Best part? He didn't know what was so funny. 
  4. One particular manager I work with (I signed a contract that said I wouldn't blog about the specifics of my company, so I can't tell you which one). She's someone I feel like I would be friends with outside of work. I like her because she's concerned with what MAKES SENSE, not what the RULES say she should do. She's my kind of people.   
  5. The weird things we sell. We sell a lot of normal stuff, but since we're a discount-type store we get in a lot of strange things. I've been dying to do a "Weird Stuff We Sell at My Work" post, but I'm not sure how my managers would feel about me taking pictures at work.... I'm gonna ask, though, because holy cow there are some eccentric things there.
  6. My work is located in the city I grew up in, so I've seen a bunch of people I haven't seen since high school. This is good AND bad, but mostly good. Today I saw a boy who wanted to date me sophomore year, but I turned him down several times. Kind of awkward, but still fun. 
  7. I'm well-liked there. Out of all the things I expected out of finally getting a job, this was the very last thing I expected to happen. First impressions aren't my strong point, but people have expressed appreciation for me pretty consistently. This is a huge perk about going to work that has surprised me.
  8. Discount. 
  9. I'm pretty much their favorite fitting room girl (I know I sound lame when I say that), so they let me have whatever hours I want. This has become my favorite thing about my company! They've worked around whatever I needed, and even gave me tons of hours when Husband lost his job. Very cool. 
  10. My boss. She's kind of abrasive at first, but she's incredibly loyal and concerned about our personal health/safety/lives. Last week she bought my co-worker's son a present just because she knows my co-worker is incredibly poor (she's working on getting her husband legally to the US from Mexico, so she works tons of hours and doesn't get to live with her baby daughter in the mean time). This is not the only example, but one that stuck out to me.  
I'm very lucky to have work right now, especially with Husband not making as much as he used to, and I'm especially grateful to work in a place I enjoy. So just know, when I'm complaining about work, I'm just a whiner. I actually really like my job. 


  1. I'm a loner at work. I hate when people talk to me. Like today? So, so stabby.

  2. Hi! I know I've been silently reading your blog, and I don't think I've missed even one post, I've just been unmotivated to openly stalk you. But your comment on my blog was very sweet, and made me feel loved, and I realized how selfish I've been. So, sorry. . . and here are just a few topics of yours I'd like to comment on: I am a whiner too, and I think blogging brings out my negativity (maybe because I somehow think if I write then people just have to listen, no interruptions.) But I am happy to hear the reasons you also enjoy your job. I, for one, am not surprised you are well liked. I liked you, right off! I have taken to heart the things you've mentioned about parenting, especially when I am doing something which asks a lot of my son. I have taken initiative to allow my son to explore and discover his world when we are shopping or running errands. And you know what? It has been wonderful! He has not thrown one unwarranted fit or caused havoc or destruction. Thank you for helping me find this perspective. I have been struggling with grieving which has brought a lot of new feelings into my life. These grieving periods leave me really unproductive and I don't feel like myself at all. While I am not comparing my struggles to yours, I am grateful you are open to sharing your struggles and feelings.

  3. Pam, "so stabby" made me smile. Love it.

    Darci, I have missed you! I didn't realize you were still reading, but I appreciate it! And the fact that me whining about the customers at work has helped you TOTALLY made my day! Thank you for telling me that!! And I liked you right off, too. Wow, that was a lot of years ago. I'm always here to talk if you want to, but I understand how you feel when you don't want to speak up. Miss you!


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