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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's have a little chat, you and I.

Dear friends,

As I see it, I talk to you every day, and you appear to be visiting every day. Many of you are repeat visitors.

I tell you about my life, my fears, my aspirations... You know me pretty much as well as someone can know another person through the Internet, no? I think I'm pretty open, pretty vulnerable here...

My question is this: Would you come into someone's home and not introduce yourself? Just walk in, look around, check out the nick-nacks and maybe read a journal entry or two, then walk out without identifying yourself? Would you lurk around in the shadows and peek in the windows for fear of knocking on the door?

You would never! Not you. You are an awesome person, clearly (I mean, you are reading this), so you would never do such a thing. To be that impolite would be unthinkable for you!

So my next question is this: Would you please identify yourselves now, so that we could be friends? I would really appreciate that. You can be my friend, I can be yours; we can share intimate stories and laugh together... have pillow fights...

Because, frankly, I'm tired of having to go all Sherlock Holmes in order to figure out who's reading. (There are 26 of you over there in my "follow" box, but over 150 hits on this site every day.)

And I'll tell ya what... when I stop by your bloghouse, I will be sure to let you know I'm visiting as well. :)

Love to all my unidentifiable blogstalkers,
Aubrey Anne <3

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