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Friday, September 9, 2011

Nice Timing

Yesterday I wrote a post about my depression getting the better of me again, and my dad left a comment which I found very applicable and want to share with you.

This is an article (in case you can't view it from where you are) about the stigma surrounding mental illness, and how it's still so acceptable to judge and discriminate against those suffering. 

An excerpt from the article: 

“Those people” need your help and your compassion.
Mental illness is not just affecting “those people.” It is affectingour people. Though they will probably not tell you, 13 percent of the people you associate with in Utah are taking antidepressants. Since Utah is in the top 10, there is a good chance that you know someone who has attempted or completed suicide.

NAMI Walk 2011
NAMIWalks is NAMI's signature fundraising event that seeks to raise awareness about mental illness, increase community education and outreach for families and individuals, and supports local NAMI affiliates. 
When: September 24, 2011 Where: Valley Regional Park5100 S. 2700 W. TaylorsvilleWalker Check-in: 9:00am Walk begins: 10:00am
CLICK HERE to register.
I urge you to take action.
There is no greater advocate for those struggling with mental illness than the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They are the friend, big brother and champion of everyone in Utah who endures a mental illness. They fight for funding and rights up on the hill. They teach families how to help and give support. They offer a wide range of groups and classes to those struggling. Their advocacy is a necessary ingredient to the good mental health of our community.
NAMI is a non-profit organization. On Saturday, Sept. 24, NAMI will have its annual fundraiser, the NAMI Walk. You can give of your time by walking, give of your money by donating, or both. The Walk is more than just a 5K stroll — it is a statement. When you walk with NAMI, you are saying to friends and loved ones, “You can come to me if you are suffering from a mental illness.” When you walk, you break the silence, fight the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness that mental illness is putting our loved ones at risk.
Learn more about NAMI and register for the Walk. You are even welcome to join me for the Walk. We will have special activities for Team Happiness 101 and give you an opportunity to find out the latest in positive psychology as gleaned from the recent 2nd Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association.
Join us. You will literally be happy you did.

I WILL BE WALKING with NAMI Utah. If anyone would like to join me, REGISTER for the walk and I'll meet you there! What an amazing opportunity, and perfect timing while my depression is fresh on my mind. 
I've been following a woman on Twitter named Yael Daphna Saar who writes a blog called "PPD to Joy," sharing her journey through postpartum depression in order to bring awareness and eliminate the guilt surrounding those of us who suffer. Her video "Not the Only Freak in Town: Normalizing Postpartum Depression" made me cry and feel hope all at once. 

This is DEFINITELY something you're going to want to watch, and please share. Spreading hope is sometimes all we can do, and it's so easy.  

Another thing I want to share (on the subject) is this e-mail I received a couple of months back. I feel really guilty that it's taken me three months to get to posting this, but better late than never, right? 

Dear Aubrey,
PPD specialist Dr. Kelly Brogan (Staff Psychiatrist, NYU/Bellevue Hospital), recently delivered a presentation re: alternative PPD therapies and I wanted to share the videos with your blog.  Following are the youtube channel and the PPD section of the Fisher Wallace website:

Please let me know if you would like to interview Dr. Brogan or anyone at Fisher Wallace Labs re: this lecture / information presented.
Best regards,
Ana Ostojic
Outreach Coordinator
Fisher Wallace Laboratories
515 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10022
p: (212) 688 - 8100f: (800) 657 - 7362
Please read the article and see the video about us in The Wall Street Journal:

I found these videos extremely interesting, and I've always been a believer that this kind of treatment may very well work wonders for people like me (who are lifetime sufferers). This just confirms my suspicions that THERE IS HOPE. 


  1. I don't know why the text/formatting for this post got so messed up, and I'm afraid I don't have time to sift through the HTML right now to fix it. I'll get back to it and make it pretty, I promise!

    If you have a story to share, please, please share it with us. Opening up the conversation is the first step to saving lives.

  2. Okay, so this is WAY off topic, but whenever someone mentions NAMI this is what I hear in my head:

    You're welcome.

  3. I no longer claim you as my brother.

  4. Sure Aubrey . . . make your pitch for accepting people with mental problems and then discard your brother when he displays his qualifications as a full fledged member of the club. :)


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