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Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, things have been changing around here.

First, I added Blogs I love, but you already know about that.

Second, I joined the Twitter Revolution, so you can find me there @toomuchaubrey. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say!

Third, I bought the domain name, so if you're having trouble with my blog, that's probably why. I'm in transition from to just plain .com. They say it should be complete within three days, at which point it will hopefully be easier to find me.

Fourth... To the Depths is dead. We're just going to call it Too Much Aubrey, because that's how people seem to remember my blog anyway. (To the Depths being linked to World of Warcraft is another reason I just can't embrace it anymore...)

I hope I don't lose anyone in the transition, but I'm really excited about this! Go ahead, link to me if you really want to. I won't get angry. ;)


  1. Hey sweet lady! I'm trying to follow you on google friend connect, but it's not displaying at the moment...I'll keep trying!

  2. For some reason it's been having a lot of trouble lately! I appreciate the attempt, though, and don't give up, cause you're one of my favorites!


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