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Monday, September 12, 2011

My favorite birthday gift

As we all know, my 27th birthday just passed. As usual, I chose to focus more on gifts than on the fact that I'm getting closer to 30 every single day. Presents make me happy... getting older doesn't.

So, I was thinking about it... what was my favorite birthday gift? Remember when you were little and people were always asking you that? Which one was your favorite? And you were too young to realize that OF COURSE they were hoping you would say THEIR gift was your favorite, so you were just super-honest and told them straight-up that your favorite gift was the coolest Barbie.

I was pretty spoiled this year. I mean, come on, I'm twenty-seven years old, why on earth am I still receiving gifts?? Well, because I make a point to tell people that gifts are important to me, and I have a big family who loves me. :)

No, I'm not bragging. This has a point. (As is my style, I'm just taking a while to get to it.)

So, which was my favorite birthday gift?

Was it this smile?

Was it the night out with my girlfriends? 'Cause that was pretty awesome.

Maybe it was the new Audrey poster my mama bought me? 

...or the hilarious card my girls bought me...

...that sings "Superfreak" when you open it? (haha, I still laugh)

Ah! Maybe the new "GUARANTEED no-spill" coffee mug Husband gave me?
It is seriously great.

Or, OF COURSE, the replacement laptop screen I bought with my birthday money from my in-laws/husband?
Surely this is it. 

Season 2 Vamp Diaries might be it... watched the entire season in 3 days. Loving it.

...or maybe it was the text from my sister-in-law that said, "Happy birthday, Spicy Mama!" which made me laugh out loud (because of this).

...or the e-mail from my brother Chris (who is living in Japan) titled "Ice cream for your birthday", with a link to this: Ben & Jerry's New Flavor. Ah, thanks, big brother!

To be perfectly honest, my favorite birthday gift came the day I wrote this...
Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?

And my dad accepted it. He accepted me.
Faults and all.

I didn't hear from anyone else in my family... and only a couple of friends... but receiving my daddy's approval was more than enough to make this the best birthday ever.

Join me in learning to Just.Be.Enough. You never know who might surprise you.


  1. I'm just sorry that it has taken this long for me to prove to you that I love you - not just for what you do - but for who you are. No one should have to wait as long as you have to receive that message in a way that reaches their heart and soul.


  2. Sorry - I guess a day early was a bad idea. Wish I could have afforded to take you to see Lea with me. For what it's worth, I love you! I did the guest post. That was pushing the time limits at work...

  3. Mom, what are you talking about? I guess I really don't understand your comment. I loved the guest post, I told you that... what does a day early was a bad idea mean? ....?


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