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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miss Invisible: The short story that isn't

I don't think I believe in writer's block... but there is definitely some kind of wall up in my mind that's keeping me from writing lately. I haven't written a short story for Once Upon a Distraction in like 3 months, and now that I've finally written (the skeleton of) a story for September, I can't seem to revise it so I can post it. Something is telling my mind that it's NOT READY to put more out there right now.

Which is fine, right? I mean, I'm a writer, and it's not like I've got an agent or devoted readers who are dying to get more right now. I try to tell myself to just write when I have something to write, and in between just absorb as much of other peoples' writing as I can, in order to feed that desire to write again. 

But it's getting kind of frustrating, because I still feel that ITCH to write. It crawls under my skin and begs me to release it, but I just... can't. 

It doesn't feel like fear, it doesn't deserve the label "writer's block"... it's something else entirely, something resembling a monster in my closet. I can't see it, but it is real and it appears to be threatening me. 

Anyway, this is why you've been seeing a distinct lack of creativity coming from me lately. I'm also going to go as far as to blame it on my lack of meds (insurance-->meds) because my ADD creates a situation where only a miracle could give me the kind of attention span I'd need to write something worth reading. (My brother refers to this as "My ADD is flaring up," because it's just as real as arthritis or some other "flared up" ailment.)

In case you're curious, the not-quite-a-story-yet story that I wrote this month is inspired by this song:

In other news, that little chat we had yesterday didn't work out so well, despite 96 visitors, so it appears ya'll want to remain anonymous. I'm gonna go ahead and try to make peace with that. ;)

Well, that's about it for tonight, folks. I'm off to bed, because - quite frankly - The Vampire Diaries wore me out tonight. SO good. ;)


  1. Lurkers are quite devoted to their lurking, as frustrating as that can be!

  2. I'm not a know I read your blog...but I do suck at commenting :) I'll try to work on that :)

  3. Megan, I guess you're right! I'll just sit back and enjoy my secret admirer status, then. :)

    Jenna, you're a follower of my blog, so I know you're there! No need to force yourself to comment! :) Thanks for reading!


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