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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just talking

Today I've decided just to ramble at you. I do hope you don't mind.

I worked all morning, took a nap when I got home, and I'm having a peaceful evening at home with the kids. It doesn't get much better than that (except not working... that would be a bit more awesome). Still, I've been unmedicated for three weeks now, so my mind isn't functioning all that well. But who cares? My kids won't notice, and Husband is working nights now, so he's not here to feel the effects of my ADD...

So I choose to be okay with it today.

Asher's pink eye is gone, which is awesome! :) Too bad I had to spend his entire birthday budget to get him to the doctor and pay for his prescription eye drops... perfect timing, because the chocolate eyeballs were all gone!! Asher turns six next week, so I bought him a couple of pathetic gifts today at work. I hope he likes jeans and pajamas, because otherwise he's going to be quite disappointed. (He probably will be anyway, but he needs them!) The joys of being broke. Don't worry, I bought him something fun-ish, too. I think he's going to be let down with whatever he gets this year, because he keeps talking about all the people who are going to come to his birthday party (I have no time or money to throw him a friend birthday party), and he's been asking to make invitations. Not to mention his love of infomercials... he asks me every day if I'm going to buy him the ridiculously-priced goods he sees advertised on Qubo!

No, Asher, I'm sorry, you are not getting the O-Cedar Pro-Mist for your birthday. (This is not a joke. He's dead serious about wanting that mop.)

Did I tell you I got my hair cut/colored? Well, I did. I think it's pretty, but it feels really short to me. Husband says I'm being ridiculous, but I lost two inches and it feels like I lost ten. My friend Courtney always does a really good job with it, and she offered to do it free for my birthday... can't pass that up!

Lately I've been frustrated that I can't get a house. When I'm in my right mind I know that it's ridiculous to be whining about such things, I should be grateful for what I have... but five people in two bedrooms and one bathroom is just getting kind of old. My kids are getting bigger and needing their space, and we're practically crawling on top of each other. It's a far-off dream, so I shouldn't even be thinking about it, but I am. I can't help it. Seeing as I worked really hard for two weeks and ended up with $295 (just enough to pay the car payment and one tank of gas), I really should get the house dream off my mind ASAP; it's just not happening any time soon. We'll be lucky if we get out of apartment living before Josh is in high school.

Enough whining! I'm going to go play a game with my boys now. Nothing makes me feel better quite like being with those sweet guys of mine.

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