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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't be creepy.

So, I'm going to admit something: I am a little bit obsessive about reading my "stats" page. Recently it has become one of my favorite things to check what people were searching Google (and other search engines) for when they came across my blog.

There are some good ones, like: 

waytoomuchaubrey  (that's me!)

adorable  (surely they mean me)

aubrey blog ortega  (yep, definitely me)

aubrey ortega blog  (me)

dad baby sign  ('cause my baby signs)

danny evans karen sugarpants  (sounds creepy, but it's not really... one of the most common)  (me again!)

what happened to dadgonemad  (he had a lot of fans)

jezebel dadgonemad  (sad, not as creepy as it sounds)

Then there's the ones that aren't so impressive. And this blog post is for the creepers who are searching for things like this: 

brown haired teens unedited   (Really?)

tan blondes  (possibly innocent)

amy adams blonde vs dark  (why?)

angelina jolie blond versus brunette girls  (Angelina blond vs every brunette girl. Now that's a fair competition.)

blonde on top brown on bottom  (I do hope this was a search for a new hair dye job)

blonde woman on a four wheeler  (um... weird, but ok)

natalie portman blonde vs brunette  (I'll admit, she's hot, but why must we compare?)

Dear Creepy Guys (girls?) who are looking for things like "teens unedited",

Stop being a creep and find a more worthwhile hobby, eh? But if you can't manage to do that, here's a little somethin' for ya:

Go here to see a blonde woman on a four wheeler.

You're welcome.

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  1. OMG, I am laughing out loud right now. Whats the matter with people?! Oh and by the way, I found your blog by searching for brunettes on tricycles. Came right up, top of the list.


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