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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toothbrush mystery

You know how your dryer steals your socks? Just one, leaving the other one a lone ranger?

At my house, it's isn't the dryer who is a thief.
And it isn't everybody's left socks that are disappearing.

The Unidentified thief is stealing our toothbrushes.
No, I am not kidding. What, you think I'm that desperate for jokes? Someone is literally making our toothbrushes disappear.

Recently my kids attended a family camp out in my sister's backyard. I sent them with their ratty old toothbrushes - the only ones I could locate at the time - and she mentioned later that it was time for new ones at my house. I joked about not having enough money (oh, how I wish I was joking) to buy new toothbrushes, the toothbrushes we had would just have to do. (I failed to mention the brush-napper.) A couple days later she showed up at my front door with a pack of new Snoopy toothbrushes, which my kids were excited about.

This is probably the third set of Snoopy toothbrushes that has found a home on my bathroom counter, and then has promptly disappeared.

Of course this isn't actually a mystery.
Max is obsessed with brushing his teeth, and frequently sneaks into the bathroom to get a fix of AquaFresh. What I can't understand is WHERE HE IS HIDING HIS STASH!

I swear I have hunted.
And still, my older boys are coming to me with claims of "But I can't find my toothbrush!" every.single.night. To say it is getting old would be a serious understatement.

(Just to be clear, no one needs to anonymously drop off a hygiene care package at my house. Really. And I promise I won't let their teeth fall out.)

While we're on the subject of Stitch, the boy has been rebelling against sleep lately. Each time he is deposited in his bed, he immediately throws all his blankets and pillows out of his crib and then cries because they are gone. "Mom! MOM! No, Mom! Pillow! Bwanket! More!"  Tonight Husband went in to quiet the children, and when he said, "Max, you dropped your pillow," Max said, "Oops!" like it was an accident.

Hooray for yet another manipulator in the house.  


  1. Funny your talking about mysteries. Today, my babysitter found my husband's lost wallet...15 months later. So now I have to admit its been at least 15 months since I've lifted and vacuumed under my couches. Shame shame!
    Too funny about the toothbrush theif! My kids try to suck the Aquafresh right out of the spout. What is it with that stuff???
    You should start following a few couponing blogs, I'm getting toothbrushes for free constantly now. I have a stash now of about 12. If catastophe strikes, we may not have enough to eat, but we'll have clean teeth!

  2. I literally laughed out loud at your comment, Colleen. lol at least we'll have clean teeth!


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