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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Night Before Kindergarten

Last night we read The Night Before Kindergarten as our goodnight book. Do you know why?

Yep. Because Asher starts Kindergarten today.

The day Josh started Kindergarten, I cried the whole entire day while he was at school. (In Kansas it was full-day K.) I just sat there watching the clock, hoping it was time to go pick him up. I put baby Asher in the stroller and walked down to the school way before it was time to pick him up, and we just stood there and waited. The second day was similar.

I know I won't be doing that today, because a) I'm going with him - here in Utah they only have a one-hour meet-the-teacher on the first day; b) he went to preschool last year, so we already know what to expect; and c) he is so completely overjoyed, I have no choice but to be happy for him!

Still, though, it means that my little baby Asher is a big kid now.... and I'm never going to be used to my children growing up.

Last night I asked Joshua if he was nervous about his first day of third grade. He said, "I'm all the way excited, not even a little bit scared!"
He's so big I could just cry.
But I won't.
I'm pretty sure.

I'll post first day of school pictures, of course... it's time to go wake up the little monsters and get them all dressed up cute! Wish me luck! They'll be fine, but I'm going to be just a teeny, tiny bit emotional... again!

Also, remember how I got me a housewife? Well, I lost me a housewife. Husband went to his first day of the new job today. He looked all hot in his dress clothes, and a little bit nervous. Being a two-job family is definitely going to take some juggling that we're not used to! The income, though... well, we might actually have enough to pay our bills now! :) 

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