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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Virtual Birthday List

Let's face it: I'm 26 years old (27  next week), have three kids, and I make minimum wage. We have rent and a car payment, two cell phones, Internet, and utility bills. There's just not enough money for things like birthdays. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. I don't need to explain to you!

So this year, I'm making a virtual birthday list... because when you can't do any real shopping, online "shopping" will just have to do.

Aubrey's Birthday Wishlist

Most of all, I want a replacement laptop screen for my laptop so I can write when I actually have little snipits of time here and there!
Amazon Kindle - because I love to read, and Husband doesn't share his.
As long as we're dreaming, let's just throw in an iPhone4 - even though Husband doesn't agree with iPhone, and it'll be years before I can upgrade my little wal-mart NOKIA brick phone.
Clothes. I would do anything for a shopping spree that would actually clothe my no-longer-size-7 body.
New favorite!
Makeup, because we all know that's always on my list.
Scrivener for Windows... if they would ever come out with that version!
A camera of my own, that would be pretty awesome
Earrings and necklaces, because I'm down to one necklace and one pair of earrings that Max hasn't broken or I haven't lost.
New socks... that seriously sounds amazing.
Music. I want lots of music that I like to listen to, on CD or mp3 or... something.
Fall is coming, and I'm starting to lust after boots.

Ok, this is just getting depressing. I've had enough fun!

Moving on... tonight we're having my birthday party at my mom's house. I have to share it with my niece Olivia (whose birthday was last week), and my sister Jenny (whose birthday is three days before mine). I don't mind sharing, though, they're pretty great girls, and I'm excited to see my family. I don't spend much time with them lately, because, well, all I do is work.

(Working full time sucks! How do you find time to do anything else??)

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