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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favorite princess, and how she relates to my current predicament

Alright, so I've been waiting a long time for Disney to produce a princess I could really identify with. (I promise this post gets less shallow; stick with me.)

I'm getting sick to death of Tangled, as my son Max is obsessed with it (due to the fact that there's a horse named Maximus in it). But let's be honest, Rapunzel is definitely the best one. So here's why I'm talking about Disney Princesses. It actually doesn't have anything to do with Disney. Or princesses.

I've long had this crazy dream to be - what they call in "the business" - a Big Blogger. You know, the kind that has a huge following, tons of comments, and networking beyond my wildest dreams. This is mostly because my end-state fantasy is to become a published author, which is pretty unlikely with my lack of college education and how completely unknown I am, without a loyal readership already in place. 

Ugly word, lots of possibilities. 
But most of all, Blog is the place where I can vent and express and rage and admire, all at once. 

Now, let's get this out of the way: I am immeasurably grateful for my readers, who are mostly my good friends and family. They seriously have kept me afloat through single motherhood, Army, separation, reconciliation, and everything in between.  I do not mean to sound like I don't have enough in those I already have! Of course I do. 

But when it comes to getting my voice out there, friends and family can only carry me so far. 

Rapunzel had this crazy dream, despite her sheltered upbringing, which overcame any previous belief or understanding she had. She knew there was something out there for her, and when she realized the only way to acquire it was to take the situation into her own two capable hands (and her hair whip, which is totally awesome btw), and take it for herself. She absolutely had to know whether the things she'd been told all her life were really, positively, absolutely true for HER

Unlikely weapon. Fear. Success.

Terrified, and with very few resources, she took the one weapon she possessed ("Frying pans! Who knew, right?") and took the literal leap into the unknown to see for herself. 

That's where Rapunzel and I relate. I have never taken a single leap of faith that didn't scare me to death. I'm not a fearless warrior woman, I am just a dreamer with a need to know

And remember this guy?

Hi. How ya doin'? The name's Flynn Rider.

She wasn't just being a little girl with a big crush, as we've seen before... 
So not inspiring.
this tends to breed stupidity, and I think most of us have had a few Ariel moments in our lives we're not quite as proud of... no, Rapunzel was all about a dream that happened to require the use of a charming, handsome man along the way. The fact that they fell in love... well, that was just a subplot. 

The point is, my dream is kind of stupid. About as lame as "I want to see the floating lights"... but it's what fills my little girly heart with butterflies and desire. 

But I want to be taken seriously. I don't want to be the wide-eyed girl with the site. So I'm considering a move to a more professional Internet space. But it's big and unfamiliar and scary, and it will take a lot of time and effort... and some convincing with Husband to let me put a little bit of money into the endeavor. 

Wish me luck on my big jump (fall?). And if anyone has any tips or advice they can throw my way... I'll gladly take it. 

For example... do you think facebook really is necessary to be a Big Blogger? 
Is twitter an essential part of being part of the blogging world? Or is a good blog with good content enough? 
Is it worth putting some money in to get a good-looking, serious site out of it?
Does advertising completely destroy your blogger integrity?

Some humor (or maybe truth?) on the subject: What Bloggers are Actually Saying

Feedback is appreciated. :) Love you all!


  1. hey aubrey... getting your name out there takes being a blog whore. find other blogs you like that are similar to the type of blog you're going for - a blog that has tons of readers already and just start comment a lot WITH your link to your blog. i think that's the best way to start. good luck!

  2. Hmm. I've been called many different kinds of "whore" in my day... blog whore isn't one of them. ... yet!

  3. lol... wow. yep that's why i have no followers. cause i haven't whored myself out yet! get goin!

  4. There was a time when I was getting over 1000 hits a day and several comments on almost every post. But as Miken said, it takes commenting on similar blogs even when the blog author doesn't always comment back. Most want to know if you're just a temp. visitor or a loyal follower. It takes giving quality thoughtful comments, not just "Hey, I love your post. Thanks for writing!" or "I agree". At least a paragraph long.

    For visitors to likely follow you - they'll want to see your dedication to your blog. So AT LEAST 3 times per week is advised. To get attention and high ranking in google, you need to learn about proper tagging (Categories & Tags) for each post and Google Keyword ranking.

    It also takes LOTS of time. I was able to get those many visits because I joined social networks like 20 Something Bloggers ( , Twitter, Facebook, and submitted my blog to: Technorati, Blogged, Mormon-Blogs, LDSBlogs, MormonMommyBlogs, MormonMomsWhoBlog, etc... find all related blog networking sites, social media sites, become a guest blogger for someone else, follow other blogs that are related to yours, etc etc.

    Bottom line, it takes stepping outside of comfort zones, lots of commenting and networking, Creative thoughtful posts, TIME & Patience! LOTS of patience!!! :)

    Hope that helps! I wish I could have maintained my following, but I got a full time job and couldn't keep up with all that it takes to maintain it. My Followers cut in half, and I just don't have that much time to consistently blog and comment on others. :( I do miss it, it's a thrill. Also a great way to make lots of new friends. I hope to one day not have to work as much so I can spend more time blogging and get back up with it. :)

    What I also did was go to the bookstore a lot and read a bunch of books on blogging. Research on it is invaluable. A great blog to follow is:


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