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Monday, August 1, 2011

Down for the count

We're down at my house.

Just a few too many things going wrong lately.
Not quite enough going right.

Remember that job I got?
Yeah, "12-24 hours per week" was a gross exaggeration.
This week I am scheduled a grand total of 4 hours.
(For those of you who are confused, that is definitely not going to pay rent.)

Husband is still looking for a job.
So is the rest of the country (hell, the rest of the world), so you can guess how well that is going.

Yesterday I literally lit Husband's arm on fire while trying to cook dinner.

I'm not going to get into everything that's got me down at the moment. I'm just sick of everything feeling so off-balance. I feel like something tipped Earth a little on its side and everything is just holding on for dear life.

Thankfully, I have gorgeous children and a husband who has seriously turned into a sweetheart lately. (But don't tell anyone. He much prefers to be a badass.)  Thanks to those two things, I'll probably turn out just fine in the end.

Alligator... CHOMP!

Who wants to comment and tell me something you're feeling grateful for? I'm in need of one or two happy thoughts to borrow. ;)  


  1. Oh my dear Aubrey... today I am grateful that I have a husband who will sit with me and talk crap with me on all the people we think aren't as cool as us :) It really is the simple things hehe.. Ps, I totally know the thing about husband's wanting to seem badass instead of sweetie pies. It wouldn't hurt for them to just come clean once a while though!

  2. Be grateful for your familys health!!! Thats what Im grateful for this week. After Addy spent the night in the hospital last week Im just grateful that we dont live in a hospital. Love you! Keep your head up! _Megan

  3. I'm grateful for you!!!! I miss you!! You've written a ton since I've been out of service! I feel so far behind! Love you!!!! Please tell me tgerwca girls night in the near future :)

  4. Such great points... I should be more grateful for our good health and our friends!! And Andrea, I'm always up for a girls night with you.


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