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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Customers; vol. 2

Even if I look like I'm with child, don't ask when my baby is due. It's just fuckin rude.


  1. This post does not speak well of you.

  2. It's not supposed to speak well of her - it's supposed to say what she's really thinking. And oh god, working retail sucks donkey balls. What did you say? The time someone asked me that, I made up a month - I'm only a bitchy smartass in my imagination, I don't usually play one in real life.

  3. I said, "I have no baby." She said, "Oh, sorry. Really?" "Yes, really. Well, actually, I have three babies, and I'm done having babies now." "Oh!" she said, "You're so young! Well, have a nice day."

    You too, mean girl.


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