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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Over the years I have discovered something about myself: I am not a good judge of character. I'm gullible. I trust too freely. At first I am suspicious of people, because I have learned that most people aren't what they seem... but inevitably after a little convincing, I am fooled into believing whatever they wanted me to believe about them.

But here's the thing about being fake... you can't keep it up forever. At some point your true character will shine through, despite my naive need to believe in your facade. No one can fake being a good person forever. Eventually something will slip out and the pieces will fall together, and I finally see who you really are.

And it breaks my heart. No matter how many times I trust and fall, my heart breaks every time.

Steve says when things like that happen we're just supposed to take that opportunity to really appreciate our true friends. But my question is... how do we know who they are?

I'm tired of being fooled.


  1. what happened? i know about one from the past but is there a new one? anyway, you do have true friends and you do have trust that. it's good while it lasts even if it ends in a bad way. just look at it that way :)

  2. Aubrey - thank you for this post. I know you were just venting, but this post means so much to me, to know that I'm not the only person in the world that feels this way - feels like a fool for putting her heart on the line, only to have it be squashed. This post applies so well to how I feel today. ::: HUGS ::: ♥ You're not alone.

  3. Miken, you are definitely right about that! There's always something to be learned from a friendship gone bad.


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