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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Guy at My Work,

I can see that you probably got a lot of attention in high school. Maybe even college, though I doubt that (you work at my work; I really doubt college happened for you). Maybe you even currently get a lot of female attention at the clubs where you quite possibly spend your weekends. But please, allow me to clarify something:

This does not mean that every time I speak to you is an attempt to flirt with you (same goes for every other woman at work; they are also not interested in you).

I don't know why you (and many other men) believe that every time a woman approaches you with a question or sends a smile in your direction they are trying to become the object of your affection. It's simply not true. Some of us are actually just doing our jobs, which inevitably includes coming to you with questions.

We are not secretly asking you to marry us whenever we say, "Guy at Work, how do I process a return voucher?" It isn't code. We aren't dying to undress you and take advantage of your (not even)irresistible body. I, for one, will not be stalking you when you drive home from work tonight so I can catch a glimpse through your window as you take off those (not)sexy work clothes.

So, next time one of us sends a simple inquiry your way, just smile and give us your best, most professional answer to our question. I promise we won't pounce on the chance to believe that smile means you want us to have your lovebabies. We will just smile, say, "Thank you, Guy at Work. That helps a lot," and go about our business. In fact, we may even go home to our husbands and children not spending the entire evening plotting our next conversation with you. Chances are, we'll probably just go home and collapse in front of the TV, complaining about our feet, hoping for some much-needed attention from our own spouses.

In conclusion: There is no need to regard every Not-on-Your-List-of-Conquests woman as if she is carrying a life-threatening disease. Not everyone desperately wants you. It's ok to smile. It would even be okay to pretend you like being there, risk-free.

New Girl at Work

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  1. Just so ya'll know, apparently this post made me a "slut". Funny huh! For whomever decided that's what was going on here, go ahead and read it again. I think you'll find a very different point I'm making. ;) Thanks for the attention, though!


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