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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So many people have opened up to help me with my latest project, and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it! I am loving the input I've received from everyone, and I love that it's not all the same... everyone had a different education from that time period in their life. I am also amazed at how similar people felt, while we all felt so alone. I guess we were all just trying to survive it, and many of us had the same feelings, we just didn't know it.  I've only had one negative response to my request, and I guess you could say I'm surprised... I guess I thought everyone worried about the younger generation as much as I do. Either way, I don't mind, because if someone didn't struggle with the things I'm referring to, good for them! I'm glad some girls were luckier than I was and enjoyed their time as a teenager.

Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying this project, and in just a few days I will have the Internet at my own house, so you'll be hearing from me a lot more often! I promise to share my own narrative with you as soon as I have the opportunity, and some other submissions as well, so everyone can see the different things that are being done for this project.

Thanks to everyone who is helping me; I can't wait to turn it into a real product!

I've been working on a list of questions for a few of the girls I know who are of that starting-junior-high age. I'm hoping to zero in on the most important things to address in the book.

If you know anyone who would be willing to fill out this survey for me, or if you have any questions you think should be added, pass it on and let me know!

What Are You Worrying About?

  1. What scares you most about junior high?
  2. What are you most excited for?
  3. Who is harder to deal with, boys or girls?
  4. Do you feel confident that you will be up-to-speed with the curriculum?
  5. Are there things you can't talk to your parents about? Who do you talk to instead?
  6. List 5 things you might be faced with in junior high (peer pressure, boyfriends, morality, not making friends, etc.).
  7. Where do you get advice when you feel trapped or confused?
  8. How do you express your individuality?
  9. Do you struggle with feeling good about yourself, your quirks, your looks, your talents?
  10. Who or what will you miss most about elementary school?
  11. Is high school better than junior high? Do you wish you could grow up faster, or slow things down? Why?
  12. Which of your friends will stick with you into adulthood?
  13. What do your parents not understand about today's teenagers?
  14. What aspect of your education will be most useful in real life? What will be the least?
  15. How helpful was your "maturation" assembly in helping you understand what's up with your body and sexuality?
  16. How does your position in your family affect your readiness to grow up? (oldest, youngest, only child, etc.)
  17. Do you look forward to being a wife and mother? Career woman? What's your big life goal?
  18. Do you think drugs and alcohol are going to be a concern as you grow up? I know everyone says they will be, but do you actually worry about it?
  19. Do you know anyone who has already tried drugs or alcohol?
  20. Do you worry about boys? Do you feel nervous around them, or have one or two you are particularly interested in? 


  1. I haven't responded yet -- but I'm working on it. so far I'm just working on it in my head, but it will make it to paper soon :-)

  2. I'm trying! so super busy this week!


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