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Monday, May 16, 2011

Running is hard.

What, you think that's too obvious a statement to act as if it is news or something? Well, I'll tell ya what...

We moved to Land of the Runners recently. This new city we've moved to (which I will heretofore refer to as LotR, not to be confused with Lord of the Rings) is very beautiful with adorable old houses and wonderfully grown-in trees. Here in Land of the Runners there is a constant parade of extremely fit women and men showing off how effortlessly they listen to their iPods while shedding pounds in their super cute little running outfits. They're so friendly, always waving hello as they pass, smiling like they aren't even breathing hard. It's so inspiring! The beautiful scenery and the beautiful people who enjoy it every day have been making me long for my body back, and have caused me to beg Steve to invest in running shoes for me.
The Shoes

Yesterday we went to buy my new shoes, and I was pretty sure I was going to die of happiness when I got to take them home. I couldn't wait to go for a run!

6 am... alarm went off.
6:15... Husband nudges me. "If you're going on your run, get up now, cause I want to go before the kids wake up, too."
6:45... Husband comes home from his run. Apparently at some point I told him to go on his run while I went back to sleep.
7:00... Husband: "Seriously, hon, if you are going on your run, you have to go now. It's getting late."
I'm pretty sure I remember mumbling something at him... but I can't be sure what. Something about running later in the day, when it wasn't so cold and my muscles weren't feeling so much like petrified wood.

I finally put my running pants and new shoes on when it was time to pick Asher up from preschool (about 12:30 pm). I decided to run to his school, and walk back (since he can't keep up with me).

(BTW, I look like this in my head. My mind hasn't accepted that my body has changed drastically.)

I made it about eight feet. The breathlessness that ensued was, well, downright embarrassing.

Who cares that I ran eight feet and walked a mile and a half?
Who cares that I came home and celebrated my first attempt with a chocolate 'Creamies' bar?
Who cares that I have waaaaaay more work to do than I ever thought?

I'm doing it, and I am determined to run these shoes to shreds.
Even if it takes me three years to wear them out, that's precisely what I'm going to do.


  1. Good for your Aubrey! I promise it gets easier. I never ever would have considered myself a runner..the more you do it the easier it gets. PROMISE! Love the shoes btw...super cute! Miss you!

  2. Run till you find that you can't talk easily, then walk until you can talk easily . . . then run again until you can't talk easily . . . then walk again until you can.

    Even if it's only 8 feet. :)

    If you follow this simple plan it will not hurt so much that you quit and before long you'll find that you can run farther and farther each day until the day arrives that you can just keep running and smiling at people while you listen to your ipod.

    That's the process I used to get back in shape when I was in my early 30's. It was hell at first because I tried to run farther than I should have before stopping to walk a ways. If you do it for a few days you'll find that it will get easier and easier to get up and get out the door and before long you'll be getting anxious to get out and run instead of dreading it. After about 4-6 weeks I was running in the morning and in the evening, after work and I found myself looking forward to it every afternoon.

    If you stick with it you'll find that you have immensely more energy (after about a month) than you had when you first started and that energy lasts throughout your entire day.

    Keep it up. It's worth it. You'll feel immensely better after a while.

  3. good for you! it's like me and my husband getting gym memberships. we were SO excited about it and now when the right time comes to go one or both of us is like NOPE. hahahahah... it happens. eventually me and you will look awesome with our teenage bodies again!! :) the way i look at it is... if you're working out at all, that's better than just sitting on your butt. an ounce of effort is better than no effort!! let me know your results!!

  4. I just got my new kicks too! I figured actually having shoes to run in is one less excuse. Baby steps, right? I LOL reading about when your alarm went off! That's so ME! Keep it up!

  5. You are awesome :) Keep it up. Running isnt easy. Just keep your goal in mind and push yourself a little bit more each time.


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