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Monday, May 2, 2011

Not by chance

Husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last month. 

We've been married 6 years! Every year I think, "I can hardly believe it's been that long," and, "Are you sure it hasn't been longer?" at the same time. We have had a long, interesting history, which would make a very dramatic, frustrating romance novel were I to write it all down.

April marked an even bigger anniversary for us, though. Yes, we've been married six years, and yes - we've been together eight years... but a few days ago marked the one-year mark since Husband and I have been back together.

A little time line for those who are less informed:

August 2009 - We split up. It was a miserable, traumatic experience that I prefer not to re-live.
September 2009 - Husband moved out. I enjoy re-living that experience even less.
November 2009 - Our son Max was born 5 weeks premature, spent 2 weeks in the NICU together, hoping our baby would survive.
January 2010 - The kids and I moved into my mom's house and Husband took back the apartment. (Packing up and moving out... by far the worst day of my life.)
April 2010 - Husband and I spilled our hearts out onto the floor, admitting every little painful detail of our past and present, and decided to pick up the pieces and try putting them back together again. (The picture above was taken just a few days after that.)
May 2010 - Husband moved in with us (at my mom's), and we started the horrific and emotional process of tying our lives back into one single fabric.

It's a year later, and we have made it farther than anyone thought we would. I can't say that we are the best couple on earth, but we are definitely succeeding. We have worked through so many things I never imagined we could get through, and I am beyond pleasantly surprised that we are where we are.

April 2011 - Husband & I moved into an apartment together again, where we are - and even feel like - a family. We haven't felt this much like a family since 2006, back when we were Soldier & wife, starting out our married life in Abilene, Kansas.  The four years in the Army felt like an eternity in Hell, but now it seems like a lifetime ago.

We spent 8 months separated, and now we've been together for an entire year... and counting.
 I do believe miracles happen.


  1. Marriage is far from easy sometimes, and sometimes you really need, even as horribly painful and is it, to step away from things and see them from a distance to really "see" them and appreciate them. I'm so happy things are good. And yes, miracles do happen. :)

  2. Amazing! I can't believe it's been a year... but I love your writing and you described this all so beautifully. I wish you two luck and just know I know how hard a marriage can be, but just keep trudging through. It's all worth it in the end :)

  3. So happy for you guys Aubrey!!! You all are an inspiration! Hoping for a similiar outcome for Michael and I.....

  4. Thats amazing! Such an inspiration. Glad you guys are doing so well. Here's to another fabulous year (plus 50! :)!


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