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Friday, May 13, 2011

I thought I saw you

Dear H.W.,

I thought I saw you at the grocery store this morning. I'm still not entirely sure it wasn't you, except for that you didn't react to me when I looked at you. Even if it wasn't you, it affected me. I'm shaken, a little bit lost, and I can't remember what I was going to do today.

You must still be out there somewhere. It seems strange I haven't run into you yet, actually. If there was one person I'd rather not see on this planet, it would be you... so doesn't my luck predict that I would, of course, run onto you frequently?

He asked me what I would do or say if it was you.

Do I even know? Somehow I haven't even thought about it.
I guess it seemed obvious.
But it's not obvious... at this point, I might even just want to ignore you and pretend you weren't real. Isn't moving on with my life more important anyway?

I must have turned a corner without realizing it.
Somehow, I just want you to disappear into the past and let me forget you.
When did my desire for revenge and anger melt away? I didn't even notice it going.

Here's to never seeing you again, H.W.
Please stop haunting me.

Very insincerely,
Aubrey Anne

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