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Monday, April 11, 2011

Settling in & missing you

We are really starting to get settled in.

Today my sister Natalie came over and helped me do some organizing (because she's a pro, and that's pretty much the thing I'm worst at), a couple of days ago I put together the bed and made myself a little bedroom... some day I'll probably even convince Husband to put up the curtains, and I just might eventually tackle unpacking the kitchen.

We do not, however, have the Internet, and judging by our income:bills ratio, we won't be installing it any time in the very near future. So, this is me saying,

I miss you, Blog.

I'll be back when my house feels more like a home, and the Comcast guy can be paid.
(Or, the next time I come to my mom's house.)

I hope everyone is doing well! For now I'll all holed up in my house getting settled. :)

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  1. yeah... i was just thinking about how i hadn't heard from you. food vs. internet... hmmm... INTERNET. :)


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