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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock bottom? Not quite... but close.

So here's the thing...

I'm having a bad week.

Not the kind where you stubbed your toe and accidentally went to the wrong side of the gas pump... no, more like the kind where you hide in the nearest hole and wish for death to find you there.

Yeah, if you must know... I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, I guess.
But mostly I mean it. I want to stay under the covers in my bed until I become part of the threads that make up the sheets.

I want to give up on ever getting out from under the choices we've made, the circumstances that have fallen on us, and the insurmountable mountain we still have to climb.
I want to say, "oh, what the hell. Why not live with my parents until I'm 30?" 

But we all know I'm not going to do that. So I might as well get up and quit my whining, right? After all, it could be worse.

Much worse.

It sure feels like the universe is out to get us lately, though. And I'm getting kind of sick of that feeling.


  1. "Why not live with my parents until I'm 30?"

    OUCH! :(

  2. You're in no danger of living with your parents until you're 30 . . . even if you weren't 30 already.

  3. Lately I'm convinced someone cursed me. Not sure when, or why, but someone must have, as things seem to be taking a deep six lately. You're not the only one. Rock bottom is close, but the way I'm choosing to look at it, is from here, the only view really is up. "Up, up, up. Can only go up from here..."


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