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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quit yer whinin'

I have this new favorite blog.
I subscribed, which means each morning I receive an email with the latest post. And it hasn't disappointed me even once.
The new blog I love: Bad Mommy Moments.
I love it because of its name.
I love it because she's real and tells it like it is.
I love it because being a mom is hard.
I love it because being a mom is hilarious when put into words.
I love it because of posts like today's

One of the comments on this post really caught my eye.
This SAHM thing is hard. It takes guts, a strong stomach, and a tough emotional interior and exterior, and for that, I feel I need no justification, neither should anyone else.
-Colleen @ Destination: Happy

Ok, ok, so you're right. I'll quit my whining. ;)
I have it good.


  1. You rock. Twice now. You are awesome. And yes, this SAHM thing, it is hard as hell. And for the record, aside from your blog, Bad Mommy Moments is my fave too.

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