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Monday, March 21, 2011

Job Interview

So here's how it went.

I found an ad in the newspaper about a week ago.
Mass hiring event, it said. New grocery store needs employees.
Hmm. I could totally do that. And cashiers don't make bad money...

Saturday I got all dressed up in my favorite new dress, put on all my pretty makeup, straightened my hair, and walked out the door feeling fabulous in my brown heels. (I love that it's moving into heels weather, not boot weather, btw.)

I had no idea what to expect from a "mass hiring event" when I walked in the door. All morning I had pictured myself sitting in a quiet room, talking face-to-face with Somebody Important. That's not exactly what happened.

First, I was given an application and told to sit in one of those metal folding chairs over there. As I sat, I panicked a little about the "math quiz" they said was attached. (Ten-year-old Aubrey still rules the Math-is-Scary part of my brain.)  As I began to fill out my application (which is pretty bare, since I've been a SaHM for a long time now), I looked up and saw an old familiar face.

Well, a familiar face from a long time ago... not an old face that happened to be familiar.

Anyway, I did that thing where my face shows I recognize her, without saying anything, and her face did the same thing. (You know the one.) 

"Hey!" she said.
"Hey!" I said.

"I haven't seen you forever,"

"I haven't seen you forever," we said in unison.

We did the usual: Didn't you have another baby? Well, that was like a year and a half ago... oh, yeah, I guess it has been a while. Where are you living? What's new with you, etc., etc.

Then she showed me her "you've been hired" paper and told me her sister and husband were also hired on the spot. That's great news, I think to myself. Surely that means they're hiring a lot of people, and I've got a good chance.

She went away and I waited another 20 minutes or so for my name to be called. (btw, it's confirmed: math is still scary.) They called my name along with several others, and we were asked to follow Somebody Important behind the Big Black Curtain.

I sat on one of the chairs arranged in a half-circle, all facing Somebody Important's chair. "This is a group interview," she announced. Well that's got to be easier than a one-on-one, I thought.

I was absolutely positive I had nailed it. I was sure of it! I was charming, kinda funny, and definitely professional. And seriously, I was dressed better than anyone else there. (I still can't understand why people show up for job interviews in distressed jeans.)

SI announced that the interview was over, and she'd be calling some names to stay and have a second interview. "The rest of you are excused," she said. "But be sure to call back in a few months."

I sat in that chair for an awkward amount of time, trying to figure out if I'd heard right. I went over the names she had called again. Nope, mine wasn't in there, and neither was the girl next to me. I had been completely positive she would be hired. As I left, I think I mumbled an "It was nice to meet you" to SI, but I'm not sure. Let's just say it had kicked me in a pretty vulnerable spot.

For some reason, when you're already down far enough, it doesn't take much to put a dent in your morale. The rest of that day was pretty hard for me. It's not a big deal, everyone gets rejected sometimes, and I know that. It's just that we're under a lot of pressure to start making more money, and I'm getting frustrated that The Professional World has no appreciation for my experience. Sure, I don't have much of what they'd call "work experience"... but for the last eight years I have, as my friend Miken put it, "maintained the emotional and physical health and growth of three children" as a "Domestic Engineer".

Yep. Show some respect. 

Just kidding. Anyway!  Yesterday I received a call from Sarah at Grocery Store, asking me to consider interviewing for a position at one of the other locations.

Why, yes, I'd love to, Sarah. :)


  1. ahhh i hate group interviews! glad you didn't hate it too much. that sucks that they didn't hire you on the spot though... eh, it happens. everything happens for a reason so i'm sure you're just not meant to be at that store... :) keep me updated on the job search!

  2. You obviously look overqualified.

  3. The thought of interviewing for a real job again someday scares me. The math, I can handle, but the "what exactly have you been doing for the past 5 years?" is what terrifies me. Unless you've been a "domestic engineer," you can't appreciate the work and time and effort involved. :) Good luck with interview #2!


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