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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I failed you, Son.

Apparently I don't have any green clothes. So, Happy St. Patrick's day... Love, my eyes.

My 8-year-old!
I ran around all morning searching for green clothing. I succeeded... for everyone except me and my 2nd-grader. He was very upset that I sent him to school in a blue shirt, but I assured him it was fine, because I had managed to track down 2 green things for him to add to his outfit: a tiny little yoshi keychain to hook on his belt loop, and a green CTR ring. "I've gotta save my son from the pinching!" I said to Husband when he needed help with something. Can't help you, honey... I'm too busy preventing the St. Patrick's Day bullying.

My son came home at 3:30 and announced that everyone said his green didn't count, so he got pinched all day.

I will better prepare next year, Son. I failed you.

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  1. me likey! remember how i look like a clown when i wear any colors around my eyes? good thing you're not like me! you look awes. :)


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