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Monday, March 21, 2011


Wild Middle Child: What's that for?
Me: It's makeup. It makes me pretty.

I guess I shouldn't have answered that question like this for all those years.

Why? Well, this morning at breakfast, he said this to me:

 "Mommy? I wish you were beautiful. And, Mommy? Put some makeup on."

Now, don't get mad at him. After all, he is only 5, and like I said... I have always told him that makeup's purpose is to make me beautiful.

And to his credit, two days ago, he sat in the back seat of my car singing, "My mommy is so beautifulllll, so beautifulllll, so beautifulllllllll. My mommy is so beautiful... because she wears lots of beautiful makeup! And she drives beautiful butterfly cars!" (No, I don't have a butterfly on my car.)

The fact is that he thinks I'm beautiful (with sufficient cosmetic help).

He's not wrong, so I didn't bother correcting him. At least there's hope for me, and it's available in every grocery and drug store across the country.

Cosmetics = Love. 

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  1. haha kids say crazy things... eddy's cousin's kid is 5 and he hates his sunday school teacher and is mean to her and pokes her and stuff because he says she's not pretty... WOW. but i agree... makeup was one of the best inventions!


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