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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gratitude & Visualization

As I get older, I get more hippie every day. As my mother pointed out this morning, hippies were against everything ever established, they breastfed their babies and wore no bras... "At least you'd save money," she said.

Just so we're clear, that is not the hippie I'm referring to.

My definition of hippie lies in things like:
  • Meditation
  • Holistic medicine (you know, baths full of oatmeal, rubbing lemons all over you, etc.)
  • Hypnosis (hypno-birthing, especially)
  • "Natural" childbirth (which is just a crazy person doing what I did three times, but feeling more noble about it)
  • Home hot tub birthing (because of course you'll want to be able to say, "Suzy, Henry and Tom were all born in this very hot tub!" next time you're having a pool party at your house)
  • "Coexist,"  "Free Tibet,"  "World peace comes when everyone is fed," "No farmers, no food."
  • Probiotics (& other craziness you can find at the Whole Foods Store)
  • Organic food 'n' stuff
You know what I'm sayin', right? 

Anyway... I'm starting to embrace some of these previously-scoffed-at things. It's probably just a ditch effort because I feel like I've tried everything else, but whatever it is, I'm on my way to a "healthier" way of life.

Today, I start with gratitude. There are things to be grateful for, and the universe doesn't give you more until you show true appreciation for what you already have. As we all know, I'm a complainer, and I'm short on the thankful end of things.

After all, we all know it could all be swept away any moment, and we could be left with nothing...

What are you grateful for? 


  1. among other things, I'm grateful for you . . . and your perspective.

  2. I am grateful for family. And for true friends, the ones who listen to you and accept you. The ones who don't project their own feelings on to you. I'm grateful for people who make you a better person. I'm grateful for you and Jenn most out of the ones I have left. Love you!

  3. I'm pretty "hippie" in my general attitude and outlook on life, but I know that two big things that I struggle with are living in the present and being grateful for what I have.

    So thanks for reminding me. Right now I'm most grateful for the fact that I feel secure and safe and loved in my life. I think that feeling is easy to take for granted sometimes.



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