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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Introducing: a Distraction

Now, we all know I am in no need of another project. I have so many going on that I can't keep my head from spinning.

The Novel is the #1 project...
...although, it gets ignored a lot, pushed behind other things like feeding and bathing my children.
I think about it constantly, and find half my mind is off thinking about the things I want to write about at all times.

Remember these girls? They're writing their novels, too. They are doing a much better job than I am, if you want to get really honest. I like to think there's something about my life that gives me a good excuse to be so far behind them, but they're very busy girls, so who knows.

Jenn and Andrea have found themselves in need of a distraction lately... a place to write some short stories while their novels take a break for a while. So I agreed to join them in this effort:

Once Upon a Distraction 

Check it out when you get some time. Hopefully people will get a little more interested in our writing through the process, and maybe even find a little distraction from their own works in progress.  :) Each of us will be posting one short story per month... this week mine is scheduled to post the 3rd week of February.

Happy reading. :)

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