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Saturday, February 26, 2011


What happens if Mom is sick and Husband is gaming.

So, I'm sick.
And so is my mom.
And so is Josh.
And so is Max.


Who's ready for winter to be over?? (It's me.)
If this sickness turns out to be strep again, this will be the FOURTH time we have all had strep this winter.

Not Husband, though.
Don't worry, he's fine.
He's so fine, he has extra energy to be bugged by the rest of us being sick.

Has anyone ever noticed that husbands are more work than sick children?
It's true.
They absolutely despise getting less attention just because we're sick.

As Vicki Iovine said in her book (The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy), when she announced one of her pregnancies, "As my husband so succinctly said, 'You are like a pie. Every time you get pregnant, my piece of the pie gets smaller.' "
Baby eats orange marker.

If my husband could articulate why he was such a gigantic pain every time I get sick, I'm pretty sure that is precisely what he would say.

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