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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't take 'em anywhere!

Yesterday we showed up for our appointment to see a condo right on time. My sister offered to watch my three kids before we left, but I assured her they were fine to come.

"They like to see the places we look at," I told her.

This particular condo was significantly nicer than the other places we have seen, and at a significantly better price. Seriously, an unheard of price. The landlord was an older lady who was super nice and funny, and very friendly toward me and my kids.

...for the first half of the showing.

My usually presentable, sweet children turned into absolute neanderthals the moment they walked into the (absolutely perfect) condo. I am not exaggerating, they were acting much more like apes than humans.

"I just got finished patching and painting every wall," she said to us... perfectly in sync with Asher running face-first into the living room wall.

"I'm hoping to sell the place in a couple of years," she said to us... at the exact moment Max decided to pound as hard as he could on the glass wall, causing it to shake violently.

Just as we fell in love with the place, she raised her voice to yell over the sound of my better-fit-for-a-zoo children to tell us, "You know, I'm not really comfortable renting this small of a space to a family with three children."

FYI, we went to our second appointment of the day two hours later. For the same price, they offered me an apartment I wouldn't touch with a 10-state pole. I'm pretty sure I came home with a communicable disease just from breathing in that place. Also... not one response from the many, many resumes I have sent.  

This is not going well. :(


  1. lol! pounding on the glass and banging on the wall... HILARIOUS. that sucks though! at least you have a good story... that's so funny. thanks for the laugh. and there's so many people looking for jobs right now. what are you trying to get into? sorry it's taking so long!!!

  2. I am definitely looking for anything that is willing to pay me money, that doesn't send me home smelling like food or motel toilet. ;) Clerical or freelance writing work seems to be my best bet, but I've been applying for lots of kinds of jobs... cause I know there are a ton of people looking!

  3. give me your resume and i'll get it to my boss. i know being an apartment manager is not super glam but it does pay the bills and you could always be like a pt leasing agent or asst manager if you didn't want to work 40 hrs/wk. let me know..... miken1818 (at) yahoo


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