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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something that makes my stomach tie in knots

You know how I've spent years saying, "I'm a writer"?

You know how there's not much proof of that?

Well here's what happened to me this week. My friend suggested I apply to be a freelance writer for Demand Media. I thought, "Ha! I have nothing to show for myself; there's no way I could ever get that job." I forgot about the suggestion and went on my way, making absolutely no money and scraping by on my husband's income. After all, what's a girl with no portfolio to do?

My dad came over last week and said something about applying for the Demand Media job. "Oh yeah," I said, "I forgot about that! Maybe I'll take a shot at it..."

In the process, I discovered Bright Hub, a website with (pretty much) the same purpose, also hiring freelance writers. I applied, held my breath for three days, and was accepted as a writer for the Infants/Toddlers channel.

Do you know what that means? That means someone considers me a WRITER. Someone other than myself! Someone was willing to put MY name on their website with the title "writer" underneath. And I swear I'll prove them right if it's the last thing I do. It also means that someone thinks my experience as a mother is worth sharing, which is pretty awesome. It also means that I got my first job that relates to my career goal.


Gotta go... learning to navigate the website and generate income is kind of a job all in itself for a beginner like me! Anyway, you can find my new Bright Hub writer profile here. (Also in the sidebar under "More From Me".)


  1. That's amazing!! Congrats, Aubrey!

  2. OMG aubrey!!!! Im soooo proud of you! And just FYI, I have always thought of you as a writer!! xoxo


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