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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now that's absurd.

I don't generally post twice in one day, but this just couldn't wait.

Yesterday I sat in the Veteran's Center at the college, waiting for Husband, and a student there sat typing a paper for his college course.

I watched as he turned to an employee of the VC and said, "Do you have to put a space after a sentence, before a question mark ?"

I almost walked over and slapped him. How on God's green Earth do you get to college without knowing how to end a sentence?

My dad directed me to this link this morning, which states that 41 states have abandoned cursive writing in their curriculum.

Is this some sort of joke? What, because Mr. Bush doesn't require it, kids no longer need to write with their hands at ALL? I could just cry. It's bad enough our kids aren't even learning grammar, spelling, or punctuation anymore, and art? Completely eliminated. They aren't even going to be required to attempt good handwriting anymore?

My sister believes in homeschooling... I'm starting to think the ONLY realistic option is public school AND additional homeschooling after school. How else will our children learn what they need to know?

I would love some feedback on this if anyone has something to add. I'm completely floored.
At least for this week, my blog is in cursive (well, as close as I can come to cursive through blogger).

Long live the beauty of the written word!