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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let the games begin

Of course by "games" I mean writing. (StarCraft? No, that's Husband you're thinking of.)

Even Max is excited!!!

My new laptop is here. Thanks to a Pell grant for college, I was able to pay for tuition AND this fantastic new tool! I can hardly believe it's mine. I think I'm still in shock., basically the best place ever to buy electronics, has never failed us and this is no exception. For $500 I got a really great machine with good memory and processor. School and work are going to be so much easier, and seriously, I can write my book whenever I want now. No more waiting until there's a free computer... I have my own place to store my work, and it travels with me. I couldn't be happier.

(Did I also mention the awesome Ikea bed tray thing I got? If you click the link, it's the white one on the top left. It was a couple weeks ago, but seriously... it's awesome. I use it as a laptop stand in bed, on the couch, on the floor... it's perfect. It's called a Tolga table if you're looking for one, and I got it on sale at Ikea for $4.99.) 

After months and months of hand-writing everything, I am basically jumping for joy (well, as much as someone can after the successful birth of three children). No more hand-writing, no more hand cramping, no more wait until the baby is in bed to write. Pretty sure this is what Heaven feels like. :)

Yep, this is exactly the kind of distraction I needed today... on the day my son is old enough to look like THIS.


  1. What an awesome day!! Love you

  2. I miss the flexibility of using a laptop! We cut back on expenses and wireless internet was the first to go. My desktop is my friend.


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