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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's (not) my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Today is Husband's birthday. He is finally twenty-five years old. Sure feels like he was twenty-four for freakin' ever.

I just want to say a few things about Husband, for those of you who don't already know.

  • Husband is 5'9". The absolute most perfect height for a man. For some reason this is the first thing that came to mind. 
  • Husband is a gamer. He lives a huge chunk of his life in battle for something-or-other terran takeover. Or something like that. I'm a terrible gamer-wife (StarCraft SisterWife as I like to - more accurately - refer to it). I don't know what he is or does, how it relates to the other "races", or why it's so ultimately critical to play 18 matches per day. But it is, and the fact that he's passionate about things is one of the reasons I've always been drawn to him.
  • Husband is a closet romantic. He'd hate me for saying so, and he probably doesn't even know it himself, but that's the truth of things. Every once in a while he accidentally lets his guard down and I can see it again. :) 
  • Husband is a master rapper. Rap star. Whatever they call it in the "ghetto". He can keep up with any "flow" (can you see I've been paying attention? I certainly didn't learn that word in the 'hood I grew up in). He tricked me when we got married and made me believe we loved the same music, but guess what... the love of rap runs deep in his blood, and no amount of complaining will ever change it. This would be hella annoying, except for his ability to memorize and imitate the very best. You know how Eminem is, like, way offensive? After 8 years of "education" (by that I mean listening to Eminem in the car for hours and hours, against my will) I am actually willing to admit that Eminem is extremely talented. What he chooses to use that talent for is still up for judgment in my mind, but he has a serious God-given ability to write, use his mouth, and never, ever run out of air. Husband also possesses this quality.
  • Husband is extremely charming. He can "charm the pants off anyone" (his words, not mine), and when he wants to, he can get anything he might desire. This is a talent I definitely do NOT possess, so sometimes it is convenient having him around. Then again... sometimes I get sick of every female we come in contact with falling in love-at-first-sight with my husband. ;) 
  • Husband is a hard worker. He can do anything he sets his mind to, even if he's never even seen it done before. He's extremely teachable, which has been amazing for our life together so far. Neither one of us have a college degree yet, but he's been able to jump into a lot of different jobs and earn respect very quickly. 
  • Husband is a great father. He and I disagree on the amount and intensity of zombie/boxing/MMA games he makes up and imposes on the children... but do you know what I'm learning? He is actually really good for them, so I just need to step back and shut my mouth, because they have a ton of fun with him. 
  • Husband loves without judgment... most of the time. ;) If you really cross him, he's got a grudge that can overcome all obstacles, but when he chooses to love someone, it is not with conditions or boundaries. He wants to be accepted and loved for ALL of who he is, and he accepts and loves all of those he holds close to his heart. He doesn't pick and choose parts and pieces of people to like and other parts to condemn. 
  • Husband made it through 4 years in the Army, where he was completely miserable. He isn't a follower, it isn't in his nature to just go with whatever is told to him, but he stood up and did his duty until his commitment was fulfilled. 4 am - 6 pm every day for years, in Kansas, USA... the absolute most boring place on planet Earth. 
  • Husband is so cute with his brothers and mom. No one really sees that side of him but me, but trust me, you would think it's pretty endearing. Seeing where he comes from helps me every day to understand and appreciate him.
  • Husband does the laundry. Can't beat that!
  • Husband lets me be the messiest housewife in the world, with only occasional complaint. 
  • Husband loves cartoons, social commentary, current events, and Bear Grylls. I'm pretty sure he'd jump up and go survivalist in an instant if he didn't have responsibilities here with us. And I have no doubt he would survive anything he came in contact with.
  • You know that "my dad could kick your dad's *ss" thing kids say? My kids are totally right when they say that. 
  • Husband supports my writing wholeheartedly, and he believes I belong on a top seller list somewhere. Even though I've never published a dang thing on paper. 
These are just random things I appreciate about Husband this morning. I could go on and on, but it's his birthday... I thought it might be nice if I actually cleaned the room and made the bed today. ;) Once a year ain't bad, eh?

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