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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooking is bad for your health. I'm planning on doing it more often.

Lately, pictures of me make me cringe and look away. (Like this one, for example, taken on my son's birthday 2 weeks ago.)

I gotta say, it makes me pretty miserable. That's just not really me... I like to look at myself. Haha, I sound like a freak now, but honestly, I like to take a picture and tweak it a little with the color/contrast settings and pretend I'm beautiful. It makes me feel good. (This is probably something I shouldn't be admitting... but that wouldn't be the "depths" of me if I censored for you, would it?)

My sister mentioned starting a diet. I pretty much jumped up and down with excitement. I used to diet... I exercised, too, and I. looked. awesome (for a mother of two kids, that is). Maybe I'll be able to find a picture somewhere and add it here so you can see. It was a good time for me. I was happy, confident, skinny, and I had so much energy.

My face is supposed to look like this!

I kind of look sick in this picture. But you get the idea.

There used to be space between my legs!

Since then, I have gotten progressively lazier. Then I got prego for the third time, and I'm not one of those "I can still climb mountains, even though I'm pregnant" kind of girls. Let's get real, I have never climbed any sort of mountain in my life, and probably never will. Then I had the (just kidding, he just had a lot of feeding issues) and I threw the idea of getting back in shape out the window.

Getting back on the diet/exercise train has been a necessity for a long time now, I just haven't had the guts to do it. The best I have gotten for a long time is eating organic cereal instead of cocoa puffs... most (not even all) mornings.

So are you ready? I'm going to go all healthy on you. I'm sorry, I really am, because I hate being THAT girl... but it's better than being The Fat Girl, so I'll take it. :) Have any good tips?
My first tip comes from an experience I had yesterday:
I woke up at 6 am with Max, cause he tortures me like that, and I decided to make Husband breakfast. (This is TOTALLY out of character for me. The fact that that man doesn't like to eat cereal is a complete mystery to me. What's not to like? Carbs + milk = good.)

I opened the fridge and pulled out the unthinkable:

Orange juice.

No, I didn't MAKE biscuits. What, are you kidding? Pillsbury is as close to scratch as I come.

I did, however, pull out a frying pan and start cooking sausage patties. That's domestic, right?
...until the sausage grease flew into my eye, blinding me for hours.

My tip: Jimmy Dean will cook your breakfast meat for you. Never, ever, ever risk grease in your eyeball.