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Friday, December 10, 2010

What death feels like

Strep throat feels like Death Bed.

In case you don't already know.

Wash your hands. Get your flu shot. Don't touch anything. Ever.
Whatever it takes to stay away from an illness like this one... do it.
'Tis the season.

So that's where I am... on my death bed, whining at Husband to get me ice cream and popscicles, medicine and juice. Oh, and wishing for sleep while I listen for the wrong kind of wheezing from the baby monitor, in case I need to rush the baby to the hospital again. Apparently croup is a bit more serious with a preemie baby.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays... and stay away from my house until this nasty strep throat is gone! We're all contaminated, and we cannot guarantee we won't sneeze in your face.

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