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Friday, December 31, 2010

So here's the thing....

Christmas makes me happy! But... I am seriously so glad it's over. I can't even describe how stressed out I've been! I should sincerely apologize to everyone who has had to be around me... just be glad I didn't blog in the midst of my stressed-out-ed-ness! Some things we did:

  • Christmas Eve party with Grandma B (I got the towels I wanted and some cash from my dad! Also, new super super super cute jammies from my mama)
  • Christmas Eve we slept over at Grandma O's 
  • Christmas morning my awesome mother-in-law made sweet rolls for breakfast (which were to die for) and then we opened presents (I got money, yay!)
  • The kids were thoroughly spoiled and even a little rotten (Josh kept saying things like, "I'm so mad. I already got this. I'm so sad, I only got one present from so-and-so. We set him straight, but man was it hard to listen to that kind of attitude when he was opening more presents than I've ever even SEEN before!)
  • We got to stay alllll day at the in-laws' place because my family changed their Christmas party to the 26th. I loved having the whole day to lay around and take naps while my mother-in-law cooked lunch and dinner.  :)
  • My family party with presents was the 26th, where I got Princess Bride (best movie) on BluRay, yay! 
  • I FINALLY got caught up reading Jenn & Andrea's manuscripts, and I am DYING to read more. They are so good; it's seriously intimidating. 
  • Wrote several pages for Dear HW (as I'm temporarily calling my novel). I am so psyched to keep writing now, I finally feel like I have a direction and a good, solid character in mind. :)
  • Yesterday my mom took all the grandkids (and me & my sisters) to a Chuck-E-Cheese-ish place where they played all day. It was so much fun watching the kids have a blast, and my sister-in-law Danielle came to help me with the kids... (cause, let's face it, I'm still recovering from the second bout of strep throat this month).
  • I think I may even get my "Christmas" cards out today!  :) Hey, it's still December!  

Today is my dad's birthday (see next post for a picture of us), and I hate that he's out delivering mail all day in the freezing blizzard... hope his new boots are helping him at least keep his feet warm! :)  I love you, Dad!!!

All of us (except my sisters who refuse to let their pictures be taken)
Tonight... New Year's Eve party with our good friends Josh & Courtney (and kids). Can't wait to post a picture or two! See ya'll in 2011! (No, I do not think that will never be too cheesy to say on New Year's Eve.)

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