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Sunday, December 5, 2010

New favorite dress... old, ugly jacket.

 How about we make a deal?

After finals are over, and Christmas has been experienced, I promise to blog real stuff again. As in, not just lame pictures of myself trying out different outfits... real writing, with some depth and purpose to it. It's possible I might come up with something worthwhile to say before then... but I'm not making any promises. At this point it's all I can do to make it from morning 'till night before I crash.

I am currently:
A) Un-medicated. This is a VERY bad thing. Husband deserves a medal for still being around me.
B) Up to my eyeballs in homework.
C) Taking care of two sick kids who appear to be experiencing Strep throat.
D) Experiencing what I think is restless leg syndrome at night... I wake up with calves that feel like I have been running all night long! Ouch! They're sore all day and I can't figure out exactly why... my best guess is that I'm flexing them in my sleep. (Too bad Husband sleeps like he's in hibernation for the winter, so he can't tell me.)
E) Christmas shopping.

My cute baby giving me kisses

Me 'n Max
My sister-in-law gave me this dress that I love (thanks, Krista!) but I unfortunately thought it could be paired with this jacket I've had for about 3 years. Luckily, Husband took me to Kohl's and bought me a new coat for Christmas so that unfortunate incident won't happen again. :)


  1. lol "real stuff" i LIKE the pictures. i like everything you write so shut it! :) and i love the dress... the jacket is not as bad as you're saying! i like it. go aubrey! maybe i'll have to follow your lead and post a picture of myself when i actually feel cute someday. ha... we'll see. love it love it love it. shhhh

  2. Cute dress. I like your glasses too. I just wanted to let you know about a new forum I just put up- a support group for moms who are having a hard time. You can find it here:

  3. It looks good on you! I'm glad I get to enjoy seeing my old clothes on other people and not having them disappear, never to be seen makes my heart smile:)

  4. I think you should change the caption to "My cute son giving me germs."



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