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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coming 'round the bend?

I think we just may be pulling out of this thing. (Don't say "That's what she said." Even if you watch the Office.)

The baby can finally breathe, although he's still ultra ornery.  Asher is completely fine, except for the awful cough. He tells me several times a day, "I'm not sick! I just still have the awfulcough." (It's one word, btw.)

As for me... I woke up feeling like any moment the heavens (or something farther down below, depending on your perspective) were going to open up and call me home. Asher even asked me in the middle of one of my coughing-slash-crying-because-coughing-hurts-so-much fits, "Are you gonna die?" I whispered, "No," and he said, "You look like you're gonna die." And Josh said, "Max looks like he's getting better! ...You are getting sicker."

Good thing he made me an unbelievably adorable get well card at Grandma 'Chele's this weekend. And delivered it to my lap when I was clearly too sick to survive without it. :)

If there's one thing I've learned through all this, it's this:
(ok, so there's many lessons) 
  1. Wash your hands until they crack and bleed. That would be much more pleasant than catching strep throat, the flu, or any other virus that imitates the two.
  2. Never trust a "quick" strep test the doctor does in the office. They are always wrong (in my experience). Wait for the real culture to grow, like the good ol' days, if you want an accurate result.
  3. If finals are coming, you will get sick. Study for them 3 weeks early. 
  4. Stop saying "I promise" on the end of sentences that begin with "I'll be there." It's just a bad idea. Essentially you are asking for the forces of the universe to all get together and teach you a lesson. And let me just tell ya, the forces of the universe are pretty skilled teachers with very little mercy... when they teach a lesson, they teach it good.
  5. Little people get sick for a very long time. If you live with little people, every third thing out of your mouth should be, "Go wash your hands!"(No, I am not referring to little people as in "big world," I am referring to having children around.)
I've now sneezed so many times I can't see past my watering eyes anymore. I'm going back to bed. We will continue this conversation later.

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  1. Ugh! This all sounds TERRIBLE!! I'm so sorry you guys have been sick! :( I'm glad the kids are feeling better. I hope you get better soon! Like right now. Or yesterday. Now isn't soon enough. *hugs*


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