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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Pursuit of Sight

Did I mention that my son broke my glasses in half?
'Cause he did.

And can I just tell you how happy I was?
'Cause I wasn't.

 You should probably know that I am practically completely blind without the use of contacts or glasses. I have been out of contacts for a while, so I was relying on my glasses for sight. Max got my glasses and broke them clean in half. After a (short-lived) super glue solution (Thanks, Nat!) Max managed to pull my glasses off my face and throw them on the floor, which broke them in half again.

But don't worry.
I'm resourceful.

My niece suggested that I use masking tape to re-attach the two halves of my glasses.
"Great idea!" I said. "That way, [Husband] will be so embarrassed of me, he'll buy me new glasses!"
She grinned and told me it was genius.

Do you know what happened? My husband bought me new glasses. But here's the thing... when you're as blind as me, you don't have a chance at functioning without (whole and complete) glasses. My three kids aren't exactly patient with "I would get you breakfast, Son, but I can't see beyond my own nose."

There is apparently only one place in Utah that can produce a pair of glasses in less than 10 days. I called several optical places, and every one of them told me to call Lens Crafters.

Actually, a woman at Standard Optical said, "Yeah, sorry, it'll take 7-10 days to get glasses made."
I said, "Wow, I really can't see anything at all... I was hoping to get something soon."
She said, "Yeah... that's not possible. Good luck!"
As she prepared to hang up the phone, I squeezed in, "Is there a chance you have a pair of trial contacts I could use while I'm waiting the 7-10 days for the glasses?"

Do you know what she said?
'Cause I found it shocking.

"Wellllllll.... I guess I could sell you a PAIR of contacts for $20 IF you ordered glasses."

Upon finding out that the woman wanted to sell me one pair of trial contacts for the same price I would pay for an entire box of contacts, I said, "Um, no thanks," and Googled Lens Crafters' number.

(There's a point to all this, I promise.) 

The man at Lens Crafters said, "Oh, yeah, we're open until 9 pm, and as long as you get here by 8 we can have your glasses made tonight."


I'm going to make a long story short. Lens Crafters called several numbers to get my prescription faxed over, gave me a free pair of trial contacts to get me through (about 10 minutes after I called), and ordered a pair of new glasses for me. (But that's not all.) I chose three different frames I loved, and ended up settling for the (very plain and boring) clearance glasses. When I went to pay for them, the awesome manager of the store gave me the more expensive glasses that I really wanted for the same price as the clearance ones because he saw how disappointed I was.  

He saved me $50 and 10 days of blindness! (See? I told you there was a point! You should go to Lens Crafters, 'cause they're awesome.)

Do you like my fancy frames? :)

Husband says they're ultra sexy. :)


  1. You look amazing! I L.O.V.E. your new glasses. I love great stories like this. I really want to give my business to Lens Crafters now (and trust me, they WILL want my business- I am also extra-super-blind.) Also, I am talking to the hubby about your pajama drive. I am a HUGE fan of this idea and I appreciate the organization and work you are doing for such a good cause.

  2. Lucky you! Our insurance wouldn't let us use Lens Crafters...So we went to Wasatch Front Optical or something like that & it only took 3 days - but it was still 3 days too long!

    Oh, and I think we have almost the same glasses! Mine are Calvin Klein, but they look nearly identical to yours! They are sexy & I love them! You look great :)

  3. They are great glasses and I love it when people spread positive experiences when they're satisfied customers!


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