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Friday, November 12, 2010


  I was tagged on Megan's blog, so here I go...

I am...  inpatient and scatterbrained
I think...  my list of ambitions is far too long to be manageable
I know... the truth about myself, and I gotta say, I don't like it one bit
I want... so many things! To write a novel, to write the most intriguing blog on the planet (haha), to live in our own home, to finish school faster and get on with my life, to stop time so Max won't turn one and will be a cute little baby forever
I have... an addiction to expressing myself
I wish... we had lots of money!
I hate... Monday mornings - you do NOT want to see me before Noon on a Monday
I miss... pre-Army life
I feel... like I'm going crazy... all the time
I fear...  never being anything that impacts someone's life (in a good way)
I hear... Asher asking me if he can watch Netflix
I smell... the space heater because I'm freezing
I search... for Asher's shoes multiple times a day
I wonder... if my nieces are excited for Nieces' Night at my house!
I regret... basically everything that happened to me last year
I love...  my new glasses! 
I care... about everything way too much
I always... look forward or backward... never in the present
I am not...  a good housekeeper/wife
I believe...  that someday I'll be better
I dance...  No, I don't. Not anymore.
I sing...  You Are My Sunshine, even though I can't sing, for my babies
I don't... know how to study
I write...  constantly. For my sanity.
I win... rarely
I lose... motivation at the slightest change of wind
I never...  say anything positive, and I know it's getting irritating
I listen... to Broadway musicals to cheer me up :)
I can usually be found... blogging, journaling, or sleeping
I am scared... we'll never get out of here and we'll be living with my mother until I'm 40.
I read...  one book per year
I am happy about...  my Max getting healthier!

I tag... Mom, Natalie, Jenn I 

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