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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If Jon would take my picture every day...

I would totally be a fashion blogger. I'll have to get better at putting outfits together than this - apparently it wasn't as pretty as I thought, lol - but he's a dang good photographer and made me look much better than I really do.

I could so be Kendi... (except, not quite as pretty... and with 1/20 the wardrobe.)  ;)

Me, the one-year-old, and Husband

I just wanted to show you how attractive Husband is, while I'm at it. I'm a huge fan.

Because this is what fashion bloggers do, and I wanna be cool like them: Jacket - thrifted (Aeropostale) - $8; White shirt - stolen from my sister-in-law Danielle - free; red & white striped "Waldo" shirt (as my sister lovingly referred to it) - free - passed down from my sister-in-law Krista; jeans - Kohl's - $40, boots - 3 years ago - Payless - $8 (cause I worked there); purse - Kohl's - gift from Husband; belt - way freakin' old, found it in my closet - free with jeans I bought in high school; earrings - borrowed from my mom without permission (thanks Mom!) cause she has great taste in jewelry - free; necklace - had it so long I can't for the life of me remember its origins - price unknown.

(...he's my brother, so I can totally set you up with a photo shoot...)

Update: Since I posted this blog, Jon has informed me that he is looking for someone who is in need of a wedding photographer in the near future. He normally charges $2,000 for a shoot like this, but since he's desperate to see his kids for Christmas (and plane tickets are so wildly expensive), he's offering to do this for 
$500 if paid by December 12. 
(To understand more about why he has to do this, read my Mom's blog.)
PLEASE spread the word to anyone you know - even if they aren't getting married, they may know someone who is! This is perfect for someone who doesn't have much money but really wants to have great pictures!


  1. Every time Liz sees your picture, she exclaims, "Isn't Aubrey so beautiful?" I agree!

  2. hahaha i love it! and ps i totally follow kendi because of you. do you follow this one too? kendi and her are my top ones i follow. and you look awesome!!! i totally want to be you!

  3. Miken, I do now! Haha she's adorable. I love it.

  4. I love these pics! Jon did an amazing job!! And I'm jealous of the snow. And your outfit is adorable. The end. :)


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