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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Plug

I don't often do a post where I advertise for people/companies, but this one is worth it.

My brother Jon is a great photographer with tons of experience and equipment, who needs a little bit of help so he can see his girls for the holidays. If you're located (or visiting) in Utah, here is Jon's offer:

Anyone who contributes gets me as their official photographer. Here's the breakdown:

• $50 donation - Free individual or family portrait. (Aubrey, can we get some examples posted for everyone to see? :) Includes a large print up to 16x20.

• $100 donation - Free individual or family portrait EVERY YEAR for the life of the camera (I'd figure at least 7 years based on my track record with these awesome Nikons). Includes large print up to 20x30.

• $250 donation - Free "day in the life of" photo shoot of your child (I follow your child with a camera for a day, or as much of a day as you'd like me to do, and document everything s/he does in a creative way) and a beautiful, professionally designed, printed, and bound photo album of the pictures you choose from that shoot. May be substituted for "wedding photographer" style coverage of the family party or other shoot of your choosing.

• $500 donation - Basically whatever you want me to do (photographically? let's talk) up to one full day, plus incredible quality printing and presentation of the work. So many options. I can light and photograph your home to look like something out of a magazine (how fast would your home sell if your pictures were better than the snapshots realtors take from their car window?). Or you can have several large prints of my LDS Temples collection ("Kingdoms of Glory"). Website coming soon-ish.

• $1000 donation - Full wedding photography package (the kind I used to charge $2500+ for), discreet photojournalistic documentation of your vacation, etc. Basically whatever you want me to do, but now we're talking about multiple days.

• $5000 donation - I will bear your next child. I don't know yet how I'll manage that, but I swear I'll find a way.

• $25000 donation - You own me. Yes, everyone has a price. For a limited time mine is only 5 figures.


Here are some examples. He does great work and editing - he's a Photoshop genius, if you need any touch-ups or want any special effects. The adorable little blonde girls are his daughters. :)

Yes, he took my wedding photos. I'm so lucky to have him in the family!!

This Friday I have an appointment with Jon for him to make me look as pretty as this. (above)

When my Max was in the NICU, Jon came with his equipment to take pictures of him. We weren't sure he was even going to live past a few days, and we were so grateful for this... just in case.

This is hard to see, but it's a panoramic he did in Washington D.C.

And my all-time favorite.... Me, my husband, and my baby in the NICU...

I can't wait to get our family pictures taken Friday! When I get them back I'll show them off for sure. :)

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